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Agencies Involved
Federal Agencies
State of West Virginia
Other Government Agencies

1. United States Army Corps of Engineers
2. United States Environmental Protection Agency Region III
3. United States Fish and Wildlife Service
4. National Park Service
5. United States Forest Service, Monongahela National Forest
6. United States Forest Service, George Washington National Forest
7. Office of Environmental Project Review
8. Federal Railroad Administration
9. United States Department of Agriculture
10. United States Soil Conservation Service
11. Federal Highway Administration
12. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
13. Secretary of Transportation
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1. West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
2. West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection
3. West Virginia Division of Culture and History
4. West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services
5. West Virginia Division of Employment Security
6. West Virginia Governor's Office of Economic and Community Development
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1. Region VII Planning and Development Council
2. Region VIII Planning and Development Council
3. Randolph County Commissioners
4. Tucker County Planning Commission
5. Tucker County Commissioners
6. Hardy County Planning Commission
7. Hardy County Commissioners
8. Grant County Commissioners
9. Mayor of Elkins, West Virginia
10. Mayor of Moorefield, West Virginia
11. Mayor of Parsons, West Virginia
12. Mayor of Wardensville, West Virginia
13. Mayor of Hambleton, West Virginia
14. Mayor of Montrose, West Virginia
15. Mayor of Hendricks, West Virginia
16. Mayor of Thomas, West Virginia
17. Mayor of Davis, West Virginia
18. Mayor of Petersburg, West Virginia
19. Mayor of Baker, West Virginia
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