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Glossary of Commonly Used Acronyms
AASHTO: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ACHP: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

ACOE: United States Army Corps of Engineers

APD: Appalachian Development Highway System

ADT: Average Daily Traffic

ARC: Appalachian Regional Commission

ASDEIS: Corridor H Alignment Selection Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (November, 1994)

BNA: Block Numbering Area (US Census)

CEQ: President's Council on Environmental Quality

CFR: Code of Federal Regulations

CHA: Corridor H Alternatives

CMS: Congestion Management System

CSDEIS: Corridor H Corridor Selection Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (October, 1992)

CTB: Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board

DOI: United States Department of the Interior

EPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency

FEIS: Final Environmental Impact Statement

FHWA: Federal Highway Administration

FWS: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

GIS: Geographic Information Systems

GWNF: George Washington National Forest

HEP: Habitat Evaluation Procedure

HUD: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

IRA: Improved Roadway Alternative

ISTEA: Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act

LOS: Level of Service

LWCFA: Land and Water Conservation Fund Act

MIS: Major Investment Study

MNF: Monongahela National Forest

MPO: Metropolitan Planning Organization

NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act

NRCS: United States Natural Resources Conservation Service

NRHP: National Register of Historic Places

O/D: Origin and Destination

ROD: Record of Decision

SDEIS: Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement

SOV: Single Occupancy Vehicle

TAZ: Traffic Analysis Zone

TMA: Transportation Management Areas

TMV: Turning Movement Volumes

TSM: Transportation Systems Management

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

VAC: Virginia Advisory Committee
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