The Route - Corridor H (Parsons)
The Settlement Agreement, which paves the way for progress on Corridor H, has divided the overall project into nine separate segments. Two of these involve Parsons; a 13.5 mile segment from Kerens to Parsons and a nine mile segment eastward from Parsons to Davis. The Settlement Agreement established new requirements for both of these portions of Corridor H.

The Kerens to Parsons project will require a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement considering changes in alignment to avoid Corrick's Ford Battlefield (See map below). The Parsons-Davis route will need further research to see if we can avoid the Blackwater Canyon in the Thomas-Davis area (See Davis–Thomas).

This map provides an overview of the Corridor H project in this area, including the "Current Alignment" and "Avoidance Area" potential adjustments.

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