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Mitigation and the Environmental Monitor
What is Mitigation?
The process of lessening the severity of project impacts to the natural, cultural and/or human environment. The required steps in mitigation activities are as follows:

First, AVOIDANCE of the sensitive resource as much as possible;
Second, MINIMIZATION of impacts to the extent possible; and
Third, COMPENSATION for any unavoidable impacts.

What is the Environmental Monitor?
The West Virginia Division of Highways has on staff an environmental monitor to ensure that mitigation commitments developed in the design process are carried through the construction phase of the Corridor H project. Charles Riling has been named the Environmental Monitor and will:

report directly to the State Highway Engineer;
participate in the mandatory pre-bid conference and pre-award meeting with contractors in order to explain mitigation measures and permit conditions;
ensure that contractors are properly constructing, installing and/or maintaining required mitigation measures and erosion and sedimentation control measures;
conduct monitoring in order to determine compliance with state water quality standards, including monitoring of sites with the potential for production of acidic drainage;
ensure that all permit conditions are followed during the construction phase;
advise appropriate state and federal agencies of major construction operations, which may have impact on water quality
attend all field reviews conducted with the agencies during construction.

This is just one more way the WVDOH is making sure that Corridor H is an environmentally sound highway. For more information about the Corridor H mitigation document or the environmental monitor, please e-mail us.
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