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Moorefield / Elkins -
Three Sections of Corridor H to Open Next Month
Three sections of the Corridor H project will open in November, and former Secretary for the Department of Transportation Samuel H. Beverage, Senator Michael Ross and Delegate Allen Evans were in Elkins in late October to survey the progress of nine active sections of the Corridor H project.

Members of the local media were invited to join them for a first look at the completed sections and an update on the each of the remaining segments still under construction.

The first three projects, connecting Route 33 to Route 1 near 219, are expected to open for public use next month. Vecellio & Grogan, Trumbull Corporation and J.F. Allen Company are the contractors responsible for grading, draining and paving the segments totaling 3.6 miles and costing $67.2 million.

The following photos illustrate the completed sections of the road.

The newly completed sections of Corridor H meet the segments already open to the public. Former Secretary Sam Beverage and Deputy State Highway Engineer Randy Epperly speak with Clarksburg Exponenet/Telegram Reporter Nora Edinger.

Senator Michael Ross shows Delegate Allen Evans how residents will be able to access the new roadway. The nearly completed sections of the road meet those sections still under construction.

The other six projects are expected to open in November 2001. When complete, these segments will connect Elkins to Kerens, W.Va.

These photos are of recent construction on the six active sections.

Employees of Kanawha Stone set columns for a bridge.

A backhoe fills a dump truck at the construction site of J.F. Allen.

Bilco Construction, responsible for building a .13 mile bridge for Corridor H, is shown setting the beams of the bridge. Members of a work crew illustrated working on part of a bridge.

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