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Moorefield Construction Update – November 2001
The following is a photo tour of construction on the Moorefield section of the Corridor H project. Keep checking this web site for future construction updates.

New Enterprise completing earthwork in medians near County Route 23/3.

New Enterprise completing earthwork near Chicken House Access Road.

A view from the New Enterprise site looking east. A trencher being used on the Elmo Greer site. The machine is digging a 2-ft. x 1-ft. trench in which fabric, stone, pipe and another layer of stone will be placed to create an underdrain system.

Looking west from the Elmo Greer site to the New Enterprise site. Vecellio and Grogan completing mass excavation, constructing a median and performing rough grade work.

Excavating rock for fill benches on the Odom site. Fill benches are constructed to add stability to embankments. A view from the Odom site.

An aerial view of Pier 4 that Dick Corporation is constructing for the Clifford Hollow Bridge. An aerial view of Pier 3 that Dick Corporation is constructing for the Clifford Hollow Bridge.

A view from the west abutment of the Clifford Hollow Bridge to the east abutment where Dick Corporation is working on Abutment 2 and Pier 5. A view from the Odom site where mass excavation is being completed.

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