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Moorefield Construction Photos
The following is a photo tour from May 2001 of the construction on the Moorefield section of the Corridor H project. Keep checking this web site for future photo tour updates.

A view of the New Enterprise job at the eastern end of the project near County Route 23/4. The next step for this segment is to place six inches of granular subgrade material and construct the base and pavement.
A view of excavation occurring on the New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.'s (New Enterprise) project. This job is east of County Route 23/3 and is 1.98 miles in length. The contractor's next step is to begin fine grading on this section.

The early stages of constructing a median on the New Enterprise project.
Gathering rock that will be crushed to create sub-grade on the New Enterprise project.

The next steps for this portion of New Enterprise's job is to place the sub-grade material in a six-inch thickness. Then a geo-textile fabric will be placed along with a layer of free draining base. The Asphaltic Concrete pavement will then be placed.
Excavation work occurring on Elmo Greer's job.

A view of the Vecellio and Grogan, Inc. job from Elmo Greer's job.
A view of the New Enterprise job from Elmo Greer's job.

A view of the Elmo Greer job from Vecellio and Grogan, Inc.'s job.
Progress on the bridge over Hardy County Route 8 on the Vecellio and Grogan, Inc. job.

Vecellio and Grogan, Inc. is in the process of placing galvanized metal stay-in-place deck forms on the bridge. Reinforcing rods of steel, or rebar, will be placed next. After the rebar is placed, the concrete deck will be poured.
Excavation work on the Vecellio and Grogan, Inc. job.

A view of the excavation work occurring on the Odem job.
A view from the west abutment of the Clifford Hollow Bridge to where the east abutment and two piers will be constructed. These structures will support the more than 1,500 foot long bridge. This project is being constructed by the Dick Corporation.

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