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Moorefield Construction Update - April 2002
The following is a photo tour of construction on the Moorefield section of the Corridor H project. Keep checking this web site for future construction updates.

The beginning construction work on bridge 4247 near the intersection of Cunningham Lane and WV 55. The bridge is a part of Odom's project but has been subcontracted to MEC. Once the bridge is completed, it will become part of existing WV 55 and the corridor will pass under it. A view east from abutment one to abutment two of the Clifford Hollow Bridge. The bridge will be assembled on land and launched across the site onto the abutments and piers.

A temporary bridge built so traffic can travel through the area along WV 55 during construction. Also, work being completed on the caissons for bridge 4248. The caissons are being drilled and filled with concrete to support the new bridge. A view west from abutment two to abutment one of the Clifford Hollow Bridge.

A view of Odom's project where fine grading has been completed and median work has begun. Excavation work on Odom's project.

Views of the progress on New Enterprise's project.

A view east from the completed New Enterprise project to the unfinished Elmo Greer project. A view of Kanawha Stone Company's project where bridge 4271 will cross and an interchange will be built that connects with existing WV 55.

Part of Kanawha Stone Company's project where bridge 4272 will be constructed to cross the Lost River. A view from Kanawha Stone's project looking toward Polino Contracting Inc.'s project.

Views of Kanawha Stone Company's project where drilling and excavation are taking place.

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