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April 2005 - Construction Update
The following is a photo tour of construction on sections of the Corridor H project between Moorefield and Wardensville. Keep checking the web site for future construction updates.

Construction Update Construction Update
Looking east at a bridge Trumbull Inc. is constructing. The contractor is erecting steel for the bridge crossing Dumpling Run and South Branch Valley Rail Road. Looking west at Trumbull Inc.’s bridge. It is anticipated to be complete in November 2005.

Construction Update Construction Update
A view of the Moorefield Interchange Bridge. This is one of Trumbull Inc.’s projects. The contractor is fine grading the entrance and exit ramps near the Moorefield Interchange Bridge.

Construction Update Construction Update
A view of the Fort Run Bridge where Trumbull Inc. is seen laying the stay-in-place deck forms. The contractor can be seen handling a metal galvanized form on the Fort Run Bridge.

Construction Update Construction Update
Kanawha Stone Company is seen excavating for placement of 24-inch aluminum drainage pipes on Access Road #15. Kanawha Stone Company is seen backfilling this area for placement of an 18-inch drainage pipe. The machines the personnel are using to smooth the surface are called whackers.

Construction Update Construction Update
Operators are fine grading Access Road #18 on a Kanawha Stone Company job. The operator is guided by a GPS receiver to cut the grade. A view of C.J. Mahan’s Lost River Bridge #2. The contractor is working on the cross frames in Span #2 of the east bound bridge.

Construction Update Construction Update
National Engineering is working on Lost River Bridge #3. The contractor is seen filling the undercut of the bridge. The next steps on Lost River Bridge #3 are to prepare and pour the parapet walls of the bridge.

Construction Update
Trumbull Inc. is seen widening US 220 to include a center turn lane. The project is expected to be complete in November and will connect to Corridor H.

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