Timeline for Parsons to Davis/Thomas
To keep you abreast of the progress on this portion of Corridor H, below is a timeline developed by the West Virginia Division of Highways for the work on the Blackwater Canyon segment from Parsons to Thomas and Davis.

This timeline illustrates a tentative schedule for the progress and development of the Parsons to Davis-Thomas section of Corridor H. The timeline includes estimated dates for key milestones for the project and the steps necessary to secure approval of state and federal agencies preserving historic sites around the battlefield.

On the Timeline there are approximate time periods for Public Information Workshops. These will preserve periodic opportunities for public input as the process proceeds. All public meetings were advertised well in advance, including on this web site, and the results of the meetings will be reported here and through mass media.

Timeline for Parsons to Davis/Thomas

April 2000 Notice of intent – published by FHWA
June 2000 Scoping Process begins, public workshops commence. Field data collection begins for all tupes of environmental resources, including historic resources.
July 2000 Scoping Process continues, Eligibility Report developed identifying all historic buildings potentially affected by all alternatives of the road and Public Workshops Organized
November - December 2000 All types of environmental resources, including historic resources, are identified
December 2000 Agency Coordination Meeting - introduce alignments developed for consideration and request agency comment.
January 2001 and October 2001
Additional public workshop conducted by the WVDOH to introduce alignments developed for consideration and request public comment.
December 2002 The WVDOH completes the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement and circulates it to the public and agencies. Additional public hearings and workshops conducted by the WVDOH.
May - July 2003 The City Councils of Thomas and Davis consider the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.
October 2003 The Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is approved and circulated for comment.
February 2004 The FHWA approves the Amended Record of Decision.

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